Updated 17 May 2019

Choose the right fitness programme

Here's how to choose the right exercise for you, and the fitness level which you would like to reach.

How do you choose the right programme? You do it in two steps:

1. You first decide what kind of exercise you would prefer to do, like walking, jogging, gymming, or anything else. 2. You then choose the programme that matches your fitness level.

What is the right exercise for you?
What kind of exercise do you like most? Or, what is the kind of exercise that you would able to keep up the longest? Walking, jogging or cycling - do you dream of doing the Argus Cycle Tour? Has it always been your dream to take part in an iron man-competition? Perhaps you like swimming or a good combination of muscle- and cardio exercises. Perhaps you would like to exercise at home, or you may even have back problems.

Remember that muscle exercises in conjunction with cardio exercises may help you to lose more weight - and especially centimeters. So we recommend a programme consisting of cardio and resistance training, such as the Combo programmes in number 6 below. But, whichever programme you choose, it will be good for you mind and your body.

Beginners' or advanced level?
If you have not been exercising for the last three months you are a beginner and should rather start at the beginners' level.  You need to study the first week (week 1) carefully. You should be able to do it comfortably without huffing and puffing and getting out of breath. You should still be able to chat to your exercise partner. In fact, you should be able to do that throughout the twelve weeks.

Don't worry if you have chosen a programme lasting only six weeks. The "Intermediate" level follows the beginners' level and you will merely move on to the next level once you have completed the first series. And if you are unsure of how to carry on after the first six weeks, we will indicate to you exactly how to go about it.

1. Walking programmes: Follow one of these programmes, with or without the muscle exercises - whichever you prefer: - A very gradual walking programme for beginners. Augment during weeks 11 and 12 with the first two weeks of the advanced walking programme
- A slightly tougher walking programme for beginners, followed by the first six weeks of the advanced walking programme. You will glide into the advanced programme.
- Or start off with the slightly more advanced walking programme if you have already started walking.
- Or, if you are already fit enough for walking and want to become even fitter, the advanced walking programme is just the thing for you.

2. Jogging. Follow any of these programmes, with or without the muscle exercises:
- If you are a beginner, follow this jogging programme, followed by week 3 and week 4 of the follow-up programme.
- If you are prepared to push yourself a little harder, start with effe strawwer program.
- If you have already started jogging, start off with die gevorderde drafprogram as preparation for a half-marathon.

3. Cycling; you can prepare yourself for the next Cycle Tour. Click here and choose any of the seven cycling programmes.

4. If you would like to jog and cycle. If you're just looking for variety, or if you are dreaming about your first mini iron man-competition, we have a programme for you too. Click here and choose any of the two programmes.

5. Do you want to swim and get fit? Click here and choose any of the programmes that match your fitness level.

6. A combination of muscle and cardio exercises

- We offer excellent combo programmes. Open this page and just click on the link to either the gym or the home programme to exercise 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 days per week. So, the Combo programmes offer you a choice of 10 programmes. Just as an example: here's the first week of the gym programme for training 3 days a week.
- But, if you want to place a bit more emphasis on jogging, you could even follow this running and a bit of resistance exercises..
- Are you a man who would like to build muscle? Click here.
- Are you a woman who would like to tone her body? Click here.
- Do you only have 20 minutes over lunchtime to exercise? Click here.

7. Home exercises. Here we have a home exercise programme. You may need: either dumbbells or a theraband.

You may also follow any of the other similar home exercise programmes.

8. Exercises for people with back problems. Check with your doctor that you are definitely allowed to exercise. This programme was designed by a biokineticist specifically for people with back problems. Click here


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