09 May 2007

From fat to fit

Flab isn't fab: ask your partner. It's time for fitness action. Choose any of these 10 great programmes. Couch potato? Halfway to fitness? There's something for everyone. Really.

You want to exercise. Do you want to be able to walk 5 km, run 10 km or cycle 100 km? And lose a few kilos as well?

Health24 offers a number of fitness programmes, but if you don’t like any of these, you can even design your own programme.

But how do you know which programme on Health24 to choose, or which one to follow in a gym to reach your goals?

Let your main objective guide you
Your answers to the following questions will guide you towards choosing the programme that will best suit your needs. Keep your answers from “Set your Goals” in mind to help you.

My main objective is to:
1. Get fit by Walking.
2. Get fit by Running.
3. Get fit by Cycling.
4. Get fit by Running and Cycling.
5. Get fit by Swimming.
6. Build muscle with a Weight Training Programme for Men.
7. Tone muscle with a Bikini Body Programme.
8. Get fit because I want to improve my golf. Here's your Golf Workout.
9. Get fit, but have back problems. Follow our Back Booster Programme.
10. Lose weight and tone my body although I am fortysomething. Here's our Flab Fighter Programme for Forty plussers.


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