14 September 2015

Answer: What's your diagnosis? – Case 28

Mr T has a very painful left ear, which started shortly after swimming in a heated pool. Based on his history, he is most likely suffering from a very painful condition called 'otits externa' (outer ear infection).


Otits externa is a painful condition where the external ear canal gets infected.

Also known as swimmer's ear, this condition often results from swimming in pools where the water is not very clean. Heated swimming pools are particularly notorious as the warm water environment is perfect for organisms to grow in. Occasionally, otits externa can also be caused by water trapped in the ear canal after showering.

Using any sharp objects to clean the ear canal adds to the possibility of suffering from a case of otits externa. When the sensitive ear canal is damaged (even with a slight scratch), organisms can cause inflammation and infection that can rapidly progress to full blown infection.

The most common causative organism is pseudomonas.

Signs and symptoms

Otits externa is a very painful condition and patients often present with significant pain as the only symptom. In most cases patients will report a discharge from the ear canal. In early stages of the condition, patients report a itchy sensation. Scratching the ear canal makes matters worse.

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On examination, the ear canal is often severely swollen. In severe cases it is almost impossible to look down the canal with a otoscope. The ear canal may appear red, irritated and a discharge is present. Some people report that the ear canal looks like it "sheds skin". This is because of the discharge, infection and inflammation.

Pressing on the tragus (the small tab just in front of the ear canal opening, worsens the pain. This is a very important clue in diagnosing the condition.

Treating otits externa

Antibiotic ear drops is the cornerstone for treating significant infection. Often the drops will also contain anti-inflammatory drugs that will help reduce swelling and inflammation. Oral antibiotics is not first line treatment as the dosage of medication that reaches the ear canal is often sub-optimal. In severe cases referral to an ENT surgeon is warranted.

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