Updated 27 August 2015

What's your diagnosis? – Case 25: swollen knee and fever

Mrs S takes her five-year-old son, Child A, to the doctor with a swollen left knee and a fever. Read the full case below and help to solve this week's case.


Child A's fever started the night before. Initially Mrs S thought the child had a bout of flu, but she became very concerned when he did not respond to fever medication, kept on crying and complained about knee pain.

General weakness

Two days earlier Child A fell on the playground at school and sustained an abrasion wound on his left lower leg. Mrs S didn't make much of it as the wound was very superficial. Since the night before, the child has refused to walk, vomited twice, and appears generally weak.

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Child A has no medical or surgical history, is not allergic to anything and does not take any supplements or medication. 

On examination, the GP finds the following:


Very irritated young child, warm to touch, refusing to walk, complaining about body pains

Chest exam:

Fast heart rate, lung fields clear


Swollen left knee with decreased ability to bend. Warm to touch, and redder than the right knee.

The rest of the examination was normal.

Side Room:

Temperature: 39,3°C

Urine: clear

Heart rate: 155 beats per minute

Based on the above, what is the most likely diagnosis, and how would you confirm it? How would you treat the child?

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