23 September 2010

How the stars stay fit

Being a star is hard work and looks are everything! Whereas most celebs go to gym or have a personal trainer, others enjoy sport to stay fit. Let these 10 stars inspire you.

Being a star is hard work - looks are everything and staying in shape is non-negotiable! Whereas most celebs go to gym or have a personal trainer, others have also embraced a sport to stay fit. Let these 10 stars inspire you.

1) Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz loves surfing. Despite a surfing accident in 2007 in which she broke her nose, she still keeps riding the waves. Her beach fun satisfies both her thrill-seeking and spiritual needs. “When I surf, I feel close to God,” she says.
 2) Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron is a trained ballet dancer. Though a knee injury has cut short her dreams of a ballet career, she still loves to move on the dance floor.  “I have always been very athletic. I studied ballet for years, but I used to sneak out to do ice-skating, squash, running – everything. Today I still love exercise and dance.”

3) Madonna

Madonna is known for her rigorous fitness regime and has been a devotee of Ashtanga yoga - a particularly strenuous form of yoga – for many years. "I mix it up - Pilates, yoga. I do it six days a week. Actually, Sunday is horse-riding. There is no such thing as a day off," she says.

4) Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow keeps her lean look by doing yoga every morning at 04:30. “I’m really not a morning person at all,” she says. “It’s just sheer determination. I’m very strict with myself. When I practise six days a week and eat clean food, I feel much better.”

5) Jennifer Lopez

It’s no secret that Jennifer Lopez gets her exercise from dancing. In fact, she says dancing has got to be her favourite form of exercise ever. Hip hop and jazz are her favourite styles and she burns lots of calories while having fun.

6) Catherine Zeta Jones

Catherine Zeta Jones stays fit by playing golf with her husband Michael Douglas. "I adore playing golf. It's a great sport when you're travelling. You can take your clubs and play anywhere." Walking a round of golf is not only fun and relaxing; it also helps to burn calories.

7) Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson has wowed fans with her amazing weight loss which she attributes to the Weight Watchers healthy eating plan and an hour of cardio every night. “I keep it fresh by mixing it up by either walking, jogging or running; I also like to play basketball.”  

8) Teri Hatcher

Teri Hatcher has always loved to exercise but says she can get bored easy. “I guard against getting bored by varying my exercise routine and ending it off with 30 minutes of pole dancing.” Teri also regularly does triathlons. She has just completed the 2010 Malibu Triathlon.

9) Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes comes from a very athletic family. It’s a Holmes family tradition to go out running together every Thanksgiving. In 2008 Katie ran the New York City Marathon. None of the other runners knew that a celebrity was amongst them, disguised in a navy blue cap. They only realised she was there when Tom Cruise ran up to congratulate her for completing the run.

10) Katy Perry

Katy Perry says she doesn’t really like exercise, but she does love rope-skipping. She takes a skipping rope with her everywhere."I hate working out, but I love jumping rope," says the star. "There's a rhythm. It's like dancing. I can double jump; I can cross. I can do all of it. I look like Rocky when I jump rope."

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