Updated 21 December 2017

'Is she using me for my money?' — Ask sis Dolly

"I call her twice a day and give her money whenever she asks."

Anonymous: I dated a girl in 2009, but we lost touch in 2010 because we’re not in the same town. Last October I found her on Facebook so we started communicating and she agreed to date again. I call her twice a day and give her money whenever she asks.

But whenever I go to meet her, I have to ask for a hug but she refuses to kiss me, saying she’ll do so when she comes to my house. I’m the only one who calls or sends SMSes, but she doesn’t respond. I think she doesn’t love me and is just pretending. What should I do? CONFUSED, E-MAIL

A: The writing is on the wall, read and understand it: she’s not into you. Her actions speak volumes and you should take the hint. You are definitely in this relationship on your own. This girl’s not worth your time and energy. There are plenty of fish in the sea. Go find some­one who will appreciate your love and attention.