Updated 26 March 2014

Is excess weight hampering your sex life?

If something is telling you that your sex life is waning as a result of your obesity, it’s time to listen to that little voice.

Maybe your hubby prefers "bigger gals" and accepts you just the way you are – with your sturdy behind, 40 additional kilograms and all. But if something is telling you that your sex life is waning as a result of your obesity…it’s time to listen to that little voice!

There are very few women among us who are totally happy with their bodies. One glance at pharmacy shelves groaning under the weight of diet products will confirm that women are willing to try any lotion or potion to rid themselves of excess weight.

For some women, it’s a kilogram here or there, but there are those who have a serious problem.

We already know that excess weight has a negative effect on your health and self-image, but did you know that it can also hamper your sex life?

Research has shown that moderate weight losscan have a positive impact on how you feel about your sexuality and can give your sex life an incredible boost.

Experts believe that one of the biggest stumbling blocks for a healthy sex life is a poor self-image.

Psychologist and self-image expert Abby Aronson says “The epitome of sexuality is the doing away with self-consciousness in order to truly experience the moment intensely.

"If your lumps and bumps, or how your bottom looks at a certain angle, are bothering you, it is nearly impossible to enjoy the moment, never mind be there for your mate.”

Dr Martin Binks of Duke University says that even if people don't physically lose those extra kilos, "just feeling better about oneself can lead to a substantial increase in sexual appetite."

Other benefits

There are also physiological benefits to weight loss. Mary Holroyd, Founder and Chairperson of Weigh-Less says "losing as little as 2.3kg can mean a healthier body.

"From lowering cholesterol, blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes symptoms, to relieving depression, losing weight has many health-boosting benefits to brag about.”

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If obesity is affecting your sex life negatively, put the following action plan in place:

  • Lose weight to stimulate your sex hormones
  • Eat healthier food which contributes to healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels
  • Keep your exercise session focused on blood flow to the pelvis
  • Read a sexy book
  • Accept your body at any age
  • Believe in your sensuality

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