Updated 27 October 2016

This 'pregnant' dad has a message for South African men

Three men who wanted to know what it feels like to be pregnant speak to Health24 about their experience walking around with a 9-month belly.


Cape Town - Morning sickness, hormonal changes, weight gain, mood swings and weird cravings are just some of the things that pregnant women have to brave through.

Growing a tiny human is not for sissies, but three dads wanted to give pregnancy a try. Well sort of.

Jason Bramley, Steve Hanson and Jonny Biggins all hail from the United Kingdom. All of them are in their 40's. They are the owners of The Book of Everyone, which is a company that creates personalised books for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and family events. And now they are donning pregnancy suits.

Why? The trio has three reasons:

1) To honour their wives and mothers.

2) To pay tribute to the memory of Anna Jarvis, the woman who trademarked the name ‘Mother’s day’ as a yearly event to celebrate mothers.

3) To help promote their latest publication, The Book of Mums, which is a special edition personalised book all about your mum.

So these men decided to wear 15kg pregnancy suits for one month leading up to Mother's Day, which is celebrated in England on March 15.

These suits are only taken off when showering or bathing and they have unique features. They have fake breasts are designed to cause shortness of breath, abdominal aches, lower back stress and to add pressure on the bladder, stomach and lungs. It even has foetal movement!

Follow the blog post journey of this trio on Three Pregnant Dads

Three pregnant dads

Health24 checked in with Mike Smith, community manager of The Book Of Everyone, to find out how the guys are keeping up. This is what they had to say about their lows and highs:

Steve - “Waking up first thing in the morning and being pulled back down by the weight of your belly is a low point for me.”

Jason - “Realising that the simple things, getting up from a chair, picking up something you dropped, etc. become greater tasks with the weight.”

Jonny - “A high has been the amazing response we’ve had to what we’re doing and the world wide discussion that’s been created, seemingly by us."

Steve also had a special message for the men in South Africa. “I wouldn’t encourage you to do this".

He noted that they should find their own way to be empathetic and understanding to pregnant women in a more practical way.

He also offered some advice: "Caring, listening and helping out around the house is a good start."

Have a look at these dads going about with their 9-month bellies:

Images: The Book of Everyone on Facebook.


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