Updated 11 July 2019

Couple sues fertility clinic after woman gives birth to twins who are not genetically hers

An American couple is suing a California fertility clinic after they gave birth to the wrong twins.

An American couple is suing a California fertility clinic after they gave birth to the “wrong twins”, CBS News reports.

The New York couple have taken action against the CHA Fertility Clinic as they allege they were impregnated with the wrong embryos in 2018.

Scans leading up to the birth had indicated that the couple were due to give birth to twin boys, despite doctors claiming that they had only used female embryos for the procedure.

According to their lawsuit, they claim the clinic knew about the embryo mix-up but advised the couple to continue on with the pregnancy.

In court documents, the Asian-American couple say they spent more than $100,000 (R1.4 million) on in-vitro fertilisation services to fall pregnant, but when they gave birth in March, they were "shocked" to find neither babies was of Asian descent.

A DNA test was conducted after the birth and confirmed that the twins belonged to another couple. They were then forced to give the babies up to their biological parents.

The couple still don't know what happened to their two embryos that should have been implanted.

They are now suing the fertility clinic of medical malpractice, negligence, and 14 other counts. They also alleged they have suffered “significant emotional distress”.

In a statement, a lawyer representing the unidentified couple said they “sustained traumatic emotional injuries and financial losses" and that they are filing the lawsuit both for compensation and "to ensure that this tragedy never happens again.”

Sources: CBS News, Telegraph


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