18 July 2018
Woman who lost 55kgs says reaching 'rock bottom' helped her reclaim her life
Nicola Davidson shed an extraordinary 55 kilograms through Sleekgeek Ultimate You Challenge. She joins us in studio to talk about her journey.
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The Ultimate You 8 Week Challenge is a transformation challenge that is run 3 times a year where challengers compete to see who can produce the best results in 8 weeks. 

This competition is a partnership between two of South Africa's top health and fitness communities: Health24 and Sleekgeek. Over 7,500 South Africans have passed through the system since 2012. 

There are categories for weight-loss, toning transformation and there is something for everyone of all ages, shapes and sizes. 

We have combined our knowledge and expertise to bring you an 8-week transformation system that works and reliably produces powerful proven results.

We will help you become the Ultimate You, whether it means losing weight, packing on muscle, or just living a healthier and happier life.

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Entries open today and are open until 15 February 2016.

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