Posted by: Jeremiah | 2020/08/10


Too young for a knee replacement?

I need some advice. I have met with surgeons in both the US and Mexico to gain insight regarding my right knee. I am only 37, but due to injuries and 20 years of competitive sports, I have had osteoarthritis for about 7 years. At least that was the first time a surgeon told me I needed a total knee replacement. All surgeons explain that I'm too young for a replacement, but my quality of life today is the worst it's ever been. I now have chondrocalcinosis and tri-compartmental osteoarthritis, and have had everything enjoyable ripped from me. I can not stand on my knee for more than 5 minutes without pain, let alone walk, run, or exercise with it. I'm at a point in my life where I no longer see a future for myself, and suicide has become a more prominent idea to "deal" with this problem. All of my jobs have been lost due to this, and I'm really tired of "struggling" every single day of my life. I've tried cortisone shots and they do nothing. I'm a recovering drug addict, so I cannot use opiate painkillers. I'm now considering a knee replacement in India, Malaysia, or another country that's willing to do it today, and not make me wait another 5 years (which I can't). What are your thoughts on that? Would you recommend one country's medical care over another? Please keep in mind that I've had medical procedures (knee, dental, etc) from multiple countries, and I'm not buying in to the argument that the US is the only place with the quality of doctors, surgeons, etc to perform the procedure. In fact, Mexico had the cleanest and most-current medical devices I've ever seen, and every procedure went as good or better than expected. So please don't try to "scare" me into believing the US is the only place I should have the procedure done. Also, what are the potential downfalls for a knee replacement at my age? Thanks!

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