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Good day Dr I trust you are well. My son has severe eczema. I am doing everything EXACTLY as told to relief his symptoms, but it doesn’t seem to work. I give my son Scotts Emulsion and Zinplex every other day, eg. Monday Scotts, Tuesday Zimplex, Wednesday Scotts etc. Im also considering adding fish oil daily along with his vitamins. He is not sleeping at night due to his eczema. His neck, thighs, back, arms, legs and parts of his stomach are covered with eczema. I mixed half a tube of Mylocort with epimax plus but it seems to burn a bit when I apply it to his skin. I add liquid paraffin to his bath water at night and apply Epi-Max Ultra Ointment on the cracked/broken skin. I use aqueous cream as soap as glycerine soap seems to worsen his eczema. I give him 2.5ml Texa allergy daily as its non-drowsy. (Is it OK to do so)? When flare ups occur, I give him allergex for 3 consecutive days. I don’t use any perfumed washing powder etc on his clothes and try as far as I can to dress him in 100% cotton too. He had cradle cap as a baby and was lactose sensitive/intolerant with bad reflux. I don’t know if his eczema could be allergy related. What are the possibilities? Any advice would be highly appreciated. Im sooo tired. He is 2 years and 3 months. Please help. ? PS: Apologies for the essay, but im giving up hope! :’(

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