19 January 2007

Educated women drink more

A new study shows that young, educated women are more likely to binge drink than their less-educated peers.

Well-educated women in their 20s are about a third more likely to binge drink than less-educated women in the same age group, says a UK study in the current issue of the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.

However, the researchers, from at the Institute of Child Health, also found that by age 40 less-educated women were two times more likely to be binge drinking than women with more education, BBC News reported.

For this study, binge drinking among women was defined as have more than seven units of alcohol in one session. A large glass of wine or a pint of normal-strength beer was considered two units of alcohol. The study included 11,500 women and men, born in 1958, who were asked to recall their drinking habits at ages 23, 33 and 42.

Men with less education were three times more likely to binge drink than men with more education. This difference did not vary much with age, BBC News reported. The age-related differences in binge drinking among women may be due to domestic circumstances, suggested study author Barbara Jefferis.

"For example, among women, the less educated are more likely to have children earlier than more educated women, and also have different types of employment with differing drinking cultures," Jefferis wrote. -(HealthDayNews, September 2006)

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