29 October 2010

Caffeinated booze can be toxic

The debate over the dangers of alcoholic energy drinks popular with the youth has intensified, with experts warning over the toxic dangers of a drink combining stimulants and depressants.

The debate over the dangers of alcoholic energy drinks, popular among the young because they are inexpensive and carry the added punch of caffeine, has intensified after some students became so intoxicated they wound up in the hospital.

"The soft drink or energy drink imagery of these drinks is just dangerous window dressing," contends Dr Eric A. Weiss, an emergency medicine expert at Stanford University's School of Medicine in Palo Alto, Calif. "It hides the fact that you're consuming significant amounts of alcohol. And that is potentially hazardous, because it's not only harmful to one's health, but impairs a person's coordination and judgment."

Caffeinated drinks go down faster


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