Dread disease insurance

Serious illness insurance critical

The purchasing of serious illness insurance is a critical life investment decision which can offer you financial comfort in very difficult times.

Critical illness / dread disease cover

They’re the eventualities no-one wants to think about – the kind of diseases that give you a giant and expensive battle, or leave you with a lifetime of medical costs.

Startling heart facts from SA insurers

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of insurance claims by men and women. Read some startling facts and figures provided by an insurance company.

I went for my annual medical check

I recently went for my annual medical check-up. It was mostly happy news. My cholesterol levels are currently really good (although I could do with more “good cholesterol”).

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Lifestyle »

E-cigarettes: Here are five things to know

E-cigarettes have become hugely popular in the past decade, but a rash of vaping-linked deaths and illnesses in the US is feeding caution about a product that's already banned in some places.

Allergy »

Ditch the itch: Researchers find new drug to fight hives

A new drug works by targeting an immune system antibody called immunoglobulin E, which is responsible for the allergic reaction that causes hives.