Tip of the week

The best tip to help you achieve the correct set-up position when playing golf is to see it!

Things to remember

Upon arriving at the tee, if the way is clear, it's time to hit. It's not a time out, nor is it like changing sides at tennis where the participants sit and sip a drink.

Rule of the week

These are the rules of the week, for the beginner, intermediate and advanced player.

Golf's social subtleties

What follows are a number of tips dealing with subtleties of social golf not typically covered in primers. Sometimes even your best friends won't tell you.

Intermediate faults & fixers

Grip pressure is a killer in the golf swing. You will often see the knuckles going white as a person strangles the golf club.

Breaking 80, 90, 100

When you're in the Think Box, you're assessing the shot at hand. The next step is moving into the Play Box.

Eye on the ball

Compared to the rest of golf, putting looks easy - no bunkers, no trees etc. But putting is actually not that simple!

Beginner faults & fixers

The most common fault in the swing is coming over the top. This is where the right hand takes over the down swing.

Basic etiquette you need to know

If you are trying to make a putt, or hit your tee shot into a narrow Fairway, it will be much more difficult if someone is laughing or rattling their clubs.

Golf Trivia

Did you know? Tiger Woods shot a 48 when he was just three years old!

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