Updated 18 August 2015

Health24's biokineticist to host TV show

As of 21 August 2015, Health24's biokinetics expert Habib Noorbhai will present a health and fitness show on Deen TV.

Deen TV channel 152 on Openview HD and 365 on StarSat is bringing sport and health to TV screens in the form of a new television series entitled Sports & Health With Habib Noorbhai. The show will be launching on August 21 at 18:30 CAT.

Habib Noorbhai who is a biokineticist & sports scientist, researcher and lecturer will be debunking health myths and misconceptions. With health and fitness becoming a trend and google being the new doctor it is difficult to determine what is useful and which links are best left unopened. Experience a consult of the most common ailments prevalent among all ages, sports injuries and nutrition advice from your living room and without the costs incurred by seeing a specialist is a focus of the new series.

Sport and Health with Habib Noorbhai is a novel and modern upcoming programme, which will feature the latest in sport and health through dissemination of science, practice and engagement. The show will feature topics within the sport, performance sciences like sports science, high performance, strength conditioning, fitness, coaching and corporate wellness along with clinical exercise sciences.

Biokinetics, exercise is medicine, physical activity, nutrition and sport psychology spheres play a vital role in the content line up. These will be translated to a layman audience of all age groups.

Expert advice for those who want to avoid costly consultations

The aim of the series is to educate, assist and support those who are interested and intrigued about any facet of the sport, health, fitness, medical and academic industries. Whether it is within studio, on the field in the gym, at work or on the road; the show will unravel the why, what and how of sport and health.

Sport and health consultations could often be a costly affair and therefore the show offers viewers the opportunity to have expert advice on an array of topics.

From dieting to back pain to the correct way of holding a cricket bat- there is an answer to every question. Viewers can interact with the show by posing questions, suggesting topics and requesting information by tweeting Habib Noorbhai on the twitter handle @HN434 or by visiting his website at and posting comments. Many ailments are misdiagnosed and many fitness goals are not realised because of incorrect exercise programs. The main way to combat/prevent many health issues is through knowledge. Being the director of an NPO which focuses on health, education, sport, innovative sustainability and research Habib seeks to make this information more accessible to people of all backgrounds.

Having had many health and wellness experts on his own show, Deen TV CEO and TV talk show host Faizal Sayed said that there is a need for a show of this genre. Habib Noorbhai will not only be covering topics in his area of expertise but will feature guests who are sportsmen and experts in their specific field. Differing from a conventional talk show, viewers will be shown practical examples and demonstrations.

Habib believes in the saying, “tell me and I’ll forget, show me and I’ll remember, show me and demonstrate and I’ll understand.” Sitting in front of the television could now be a good health decision with Sport and Health with Habib Noorbhai.

For more information one may call the Deen TV National Help Desk Centre on 0861 DEEN TV (0861 333 688) or email – Tara Lee Essack- Deen TV News.

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