Posted by: Health24 Admin | 2013/02/22

Closure of forum

Please be advised this forum will be permanently closed this weekend.
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Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/10/10

Hello , i had an unprotected vaginal sex with a csw whose hiv status is unknown upto é mins 8 weeks ago . After 42 hours i tested hiv-1 proviral dna qualitative test negative , 4 weeks p24 antgen+antibodies test negative , 6 weeks combaids test negative . But the problem is from after 4 weeks i noticed almost all symptoms i.e especially sore throat has not left yet, one day mild fever gone away , swollen lyph nodes with pain on almost all places of the body , gastric problems , 2 days diarhea , 2 days chest pain , irritation in the wind pipe , small fluid filled bumps like (i dont know how to say it) on the wall above the genital organs not on genital organs ( those comes and goes one after one ), no cold , slightly uneasy feeling , upper abdomin pain , two ears pain ,slight back headache . I just want to kill my self with these blody symtoms especially sore throat which i never had before which lasts more than 2 to 3 days . How can i conclude and what does it mean. Please guide me.

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Posted by: LOLO | 2013/03/19

I cant see the link, make it more visible and less complicated.

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Posted by: GUGZ | 2013/02/22

kindly do us a favour and post all the archives to the new forum, we have created friends and families from this forum and there is info/posts that we keep referring to from time to time. PLEASE ADMIN!!!!

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Posted by: Lady | 2013/02/22

Please Admin don''t close it,that new forum is way too complicated n not user friendly assemblief tog,

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Posted by: Eight | 2013/02/22

As difficult as change maybe, i don''t like the new forums - not user-friendly period! I guess its a loss to some of us, may take us quite some time before feeling comfortable about going there. or never..

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Posted by: To Amin | 2013/02/22

And what about the library of information in this post collected over the years? Or must we get 702 involved.. These was done over years geez. Plz move over the infomative posts

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