18 April 2011

Don't follow Oprah's example

Oprah Winfrey has gained 18kg and is back to square one, according to The Times. Don't let this happen to you over the festive season.

The year is drawing to a close and we're already caught up in the madness of the silly season. Everyone's rushing around trying to finish their work so they can go on holiday. Stress levels are high and most of us are already suffering from festive-season overindulgence.

In 2006, she weighed 72.5kg, but in a feature in her flagship magazine O, she has confessed that she now weighs in at 90kg.

  • Start doing daily exercise for at least 30 minutes or more a day. Go for long, brisk walks, or swim if you're at the sea, or use the gym at your timeshare, or buy a skipping rope for yourself and get active.
  • Only eat half portions of all the tempting foods put before you. This enables you to taste the festive fare and not make your hostess or mother upset because you're refusing the meals they've been slaving over for days, without piling on the kilos.
  • Substitute a light, low-fat meal for every indulgent meal you eat. Have fruit and fat-free yoghurt for breakfast on days when you're going to participate in a banquet!
  • Even better, eat light, fat-free meals on those days when you're not going out or being treated with artery-clogging meals.
  • If you eat at a restaurant, make clever choices. For instance, select salads with grilled fish and fruit sorbet instead of roast turkey and Christmas pudding.
  • Drink liquids such as energy drinks or fruit juices diluted with 50% water or ice cubes to help your kidneys and liver cope.
  • Have a sugar-free soft drink or soda water for every glass of alcohol you drink.
  • If you have overindulged with fatty foods and alcohol, take Essentiale, Prohep, Guronsan or vitamin B complex to help your liver recover.
  • Get plenty of rest – late nights make you sluggish and tired and interfere with your exercise programme.
  • Remember to take your medications such as thyroid hormone replacement therapy or Glucophage to control insulin levels.


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