22 December 2018

7 articles to keep your braai safe and healthy

Who doesn’t like a scrumptious braai during the summer months? Keep braaing healthy and safe with this compilation of articles.

Have you started stocking up on charcoal, wood and meat? Who doesn’t enjoy a braai during the summer holidays? We rounded up our best tips and tricks for a healthy, safe braai.

1. 6 healthy snacks to enjoy at your braai this weekend

For many of us, the potato chips and dips served before the main meal are almost more enticing than the meat. However, these snacks, high in saturated fat, low in fibre and devoid of nutrients can quickly take their toll on your waistline. This article offers some yummy alternatives on what to serve as snacks at your next braai – and they're certainly not boring.

2. The hidden danger of your wire bristle braai grill cleaner

Keeping your braai grill clean is important for food safety, but please beware when using a wire bristle cleaner. Bristles can break off and stick to the grill, and subsequently the food, posing a serious health risk, according to the American Medical Association (AMA). Prevent this by making sure your equipment is in good nick, and always check the meat before serving.

3. 7 steps to a healthier braai this summer

This comprehensive article packed with practical tips was written by our nutritional experts from Nutritional Solutions and is a great read if you are worried what all those summer braais might do to your weight-loss efforts.

people around a braai

4. Have a cancer-free braai

Grilling meat on an open fire has been proven to be carcinogenic, but that doesn’t mean that you have to quit braaing altogether. This article is an oldie, but a goodie, and provides guidelines on how to reduce carcinogens when braaing meat.

5. 7 ways to avoid food poisoning this summer

Higher temperatures increase the risk of contracting a food-borne illness as the heat creates the perfect breeding ground for potentially dangerous bacteria such as salmonella. Whether you are buying large quantities of meat to serve to guests, or travelling to a camping or picnic spot, here are some tips to avoid getting ill.

marinade for meat

6. How to keep kids safe around a fire

Campfires and braai fires might be exciting for children, but accidents can happen if you are not paying attention. This article offers insight on how to keep the little ones safe around the fire to avoid burns and an unexpected trip to the emergency room.

children braaiing meat

7. 5 easier, healthier recipes for your braai feast

Have you been given the task of making a salad or side dish for your next braai? These recipes are not only lighter in kilojoules, but are tasty and refreshing for a summer al fresco feast. These were developed and compiled by our experts at Nutritional Solutions. 

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