Updated 14 October 2016

6 tasty and healthy snacks to enjoy at your braai this weekend

Here’s a list of great tasting, healthy snacks you can enjoy around the braai this weekend.


Don’t be fooled into thinking that your snacking does no damage to your waistline.

The snacks most people consume while standing at the braai could constitute an entire meal, so rather opt for healthier snacks when hosting your braai this weekend, and enjoy the guilt-free options. 

The common go-to snacks are usually deep fried potato chips or chocolates and sweet treats.  

We’ve put together a list of great-tasting, healthy snacks you can enjoy instead of the above.  

1. Chip and dip 

Slice sweet potato into thin strips, drizzle with your preferred oil and season with salt.  

Spread the fries on a flat baking tray and bake for 20 minutes, giving the fries a good shake just after midway. Serve with either hummus or a cream cheese dip.

2. Spicy crunches

Chickpeas become crisp when roasted in a hot oven. Before you pop them into the oven, season them with salt and paprika, it’s a great savoury snack to have while lounging around the fire. 

3. Nuts 

You can never go wrong with a selection of nuts. Add a small amount of salt or seasoning for more zest.  

4. Salty soybeans

Blend coarse salt, sugar and crushed red pepper flakes in a grinder. Season your soybean pods with the mixture and enjoy!

 5. How we love a good chip and dip

Thankfully beetroot and butternut chips are now available in most stores, so there’s no need to make your own at home. They are great alternatives to potato chips and taste great with a creamy cheese or hummus dip. 

6. Cheese to go along with your wine

Weekend braais are for unwinding with family or friends. The occasion can include a glass of wine, with some Camembert cheese served with figs and honey. 



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