Healthy diets

5 tips on how to eat more whole foods

With so many diet trends and conflicting advice, it’s easy to feel lost and confused when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. Here’s why you should make whole foods your diet for life.

Does eating together as a family matter?

Do you still make time to sit down at the dinner table? While this idea may seem idealistic in modern times, our nutritional experts tell us how family mealtimes can impact our lives in a positive way.

How to rebalance your carb intake

Replacing even small amounts of carbs with healthy fats at a meal keeps you satisfied for hours longer and keeps blood sugar on a more even keel.

Why do I crave salt?

Do you add salt to your food before you've even tasted it? Are you always looking for a salty snack? This is why (and why you should curb those cravings).

How to pack more plant protein into your everyday diet

Investigators found that swapping just a small amount of animal-based protein – processed red meat in particular – with plant-based protein cut the risk of early death from all causes. And the greater the swap, the greater the benefits.

Men, your sperm is affected by what you eat

The research on diet and male fertility is still fairly new, but there is evidence that nutrition can affect male fertility. Our nutritional experts weigh in on the topic.

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