Back Pain


Find information on what causes back pain. Discover the symptoms, treatment, diagnosis and risk factors for chronic back ache, spinal injuries and back diseases that cause pain. Get advice from chiropractors, ergonomics experts and physiotherapists and learn about when surgery can be beneficial.

What is back pain?

Backache is second only to headache as the most common cause of pain.

Symptoms of back pain

Symptoms of spinal problems may include restriction of movement, numbness in the legs and dizziness.

Treating back pain

Learn about home treatment, medication, physical therapy, surgery and more for treating back pain.

Preventing back pain

There are many things we can do to prevent sprains, strains and even degenerative disc disease, as well as the fractures caused by osteoporosis.

Who gets back pain?

Between 60% and 80% of the population get back pain at some stage of their lives.

Diagnosing back pain

When diagnosing back pain, your doctor will take a medical history and ask a number of questions related to your health.

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