Ready for sex?

When it comes to the decision to have sex, every person has to make his or her own decisions. There is no age, no place, no time that is right for everyone. This quiz will give you an indication on whether you are ready for sex, or not.

I have cultural, or moral, or religious convictions that would make it feel wrong to have sex.

I am in a steady relationship at the moment.

I know a lot about sex and exactly what happens during sexual intercourse.

I have discussed methods of contraception with my partner.

I/we have been to the clinic to get contraceptives for myself and to get tested for HIV.

I know a lot about HIV/Aids, herpes and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

I respect and trust my partner right now.

I can discuss the possibility of pregnancy and STIs with my partner.

I will feel good about my partner after having sex with him/her.

If I do not give in, my partner will leave me for someone else who will.

I can communicate openly with my partner about things that are important to me.

Until now, my partner has respected the limits I have set.