Is this relationship going to work?

Love is a temporary insanity, as all those know who have ever lost their hearts to a stranger. When you meet this person again three years later, you find it impossible to believe that there was a time you would have walked over coals for him or her.

Answer these questions to find out whether there is any hope on the long term for the two of you, or whether this is one of those short-lived affairs that will be best swept under the carpet.

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Have you introduced your new partner to your friends?

Do you like the same movies?

How honest are you with each other?

Do you laugh at the same things?

Do you share political and religious views?

When you argue, the two of you

7. When it comes to the issue of children

8. When it comes to spending money

How do you get on with each other's families?

Do you like the same people?