Updated 24 March 2014

Making time for nookie

When you become a parent, you don’t stop being a lover. Here’s how to keep the sexual spark alight despite the dampening demands of parenthood.

When you become a parent, you don’t stop being a lover. Here’s how to keep the sexual spark alive despite the dampening demands of parenthood:

Play more. The single biggest sexual problem in long-term relationships is boredom. And the single most effective antidote is playtime at bedtime. Playing means allowing yourself to do and feel freely. Sex and sensuality are the ways we play as adults. So stop looking at sex as another chore to squeeze into your schedule...

Make a date. A major complaint for most sex-starved parents is the lack of time for loving and/or feeling too tired for anything more than a quickie, if at all. Your best option is to make one night a week your "hot date night". Every week, on that special night, you clear your calendar and make sure the kids are looked after or asleep. And then you play to your heart's content.

Create the mood. To keep the sexual fire smouldering, you need to feel sexy, loved and wanted. Start the lovemaking process long before you get physical by telling your partner how excited you are by a suggestive SMS or e-mail during the day. Take a little time for yourself before the hot date night by having a warm bath or shower, pampering your skin with a luxurious cream, putting on your favourite perfume and lingerie and dressing up in a sexy new outfit to bring out your best.  For a few hours you will not be a parent, but a sexual, erotic being going out to meet their lover.

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