Updated 24 June 2014

Get out, get it on

Tweak your sex life.


Brrrr, the cold of winter getting you down? Well, there’s two things you can do.

Sit inside, wrapped in a blanket while your sorrowful heater burns through your hard-earned Randelas.

Embrace winter by embracing somebody else, naked.

Second option sounds better, right? Outdoor sex is all the rage these days as people break free from the shackles of their bedrooms.

Here are the top 5 places for al fresco fornication.

1. The forest – Romantic, secluded and visually arresting enough to make up for any of your bits that jiggle more than you’d like them to.

2. The car – Park your car somewhere that suits your adventurousness, dive into the back seat and pretend you’re reckless and young again. This has the added benefit of giving you something to smile about when using that very same car for your morning commute the next day. Doesn’t work on scooters.

3. The beach – Sex on the beach is not just a song, not just a cocktail but a great idea. Choose the right day (not tooooo cold or windy) and enjoy the fact that nobody else goes to the beach in winter.

4. On top of a mountain – Who doesn’t want to say they’ve done it on top of a mountain! Hike up your peak of choice, ideally not Table Mountain, and do something very few people can say they’ve done. Go up, get down.

5. Public landmarks – This is a good one for the travellers amongst you. People will travel thousands of miles to stare at statues or old buildings, what they should really be doing is having sex in them! It might tricky to find some peace but we trust in your ingenuity. You’ll never look at postcards of the Eiffel Tower the same way again.

Any other places you like getting frisky? We dare you to tweet or email them to us.

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