Updated 15 March 2013

Dressed for sexcess

Is what someone wears a good indicator of their sexual prowess?

"When a women dresses very conservatively, is she more likely to have a lame sex life?" a user asks.

According to Health24's Sexologist, it's wrong to assume that a mini skirt means someone enjoys sex, and being covered means someone is boring in bed. It's an understandable question, since everything we see in the media suggests that it's women in more provocative clothing who will blow your mind in bed. The same might be asked of men. Do men in old, ill-fitting jackets have unexciting sex lives?

We all know in our hearts, the answer is no. Yes, clothing sends a message, but it may be that the package that takes a little more unwrapping may contain a wonderfully erotic gift. So, if you're a conservative dresser, there's no need to suddenly branch out into skintight leopard-skin, and if you like mini skirts, that's cool too.

What can be fun is to try something different when you're with your partner. Surprise her by wearing a tuxedo when you're usually in jeans, or let him glimpse some red lace peeping out from that buttoned up navy blue shirt. Alternatively wear something uncharacteristically plain and covering, and enjoy the game of slowly undressing. One thing is for sure, it's the tease in your touch, not the label in your clothing, that makes for mind-blowing sexual exploits.

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