Updated 05 September 2014

A foot rub as foreplay?

Did you know that may women can orgasm simply from having a foot rub? According to Reflexology, there are certain “sex points” on the feet that, when rubbed, can trigger an orgasm. This naughty foot massage is a perfect way to get you both in the mood.

Follow these simple steps to get her toes (and other bits) tingling:

1. Start by massaging her ankles, particularly the area below her ankle bone. Focus your attention here for a few minutes before slowly moving lower towards her toes. Remember to maintain a consistent pressure to keep her going.

2. Next, rub each of her toes using your fingers. Pull her toes gently but focus specifically on her middle toe. Some believe that this nerve has a direct connection to her lady bits.

3. Finally use long strokes across the arch of her foot. Alternative between using your entire hand and just your thumbs.

If you hear her moaning, keep going – you’re doing it right!

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