Updated 02 August 2013

3 quickie hot spots

Quickie sex is alive and well in SA. The rush, the lust and the danger of being caught is enough to make the sexual sparks fly! Here are three popular quickie spots, as suggested by our users.

Quickie sex is alive and well in South Africa. Following a recent sex tip on the fast and furious, we invited users to share their quickie secrets with us.

From cars and late-night trains to the office and fitting's hot and happening. Read what some of our users have been up to.

The rush, the lust and the danger of being caught  is enough to make the sexual sparks fly!

Here are three popular quickie spots, as suggested by our users.

Backseat driver

A good old favourite, your car is always there when desire should hit you. Whether you park in a quiet secluded spot or do it in the car park (watch out for those security cameras), your car offers many options. Depending on the size of your car, you may have to open the door for extra leg space and to avoid the bumping of heads (the one you think with!).

Push the front seats as far forward as you can to create enough space. Lie down on the back seat and get going - the classic missionary position always works, but you can also try doggy style or let her ride you. (Just make sure you pulled the handbreak.)

Executive decision

Sex in the office is a real turn-on especially if you surprise your partner at work. There is no greater aphrodisiac than power, seduction and the risk of being caught. Obviously an open-plan office is not going to work, but there are always meeting rooms and, having a private office wins first prize. Very important: remember to lock the door, close the blinds and to keep very quiet. Use your desk and your chair as your props and let your imagination run wild.

Cubicle twister

When it comes to quickies, confined spaces such as fitting rooms and public toilets are firm favourites. Trying on new clothes just got a whole new meaning - no wonder the queues are so long sometimes! So, how do you do it? Many of the bigger department stores don't have attendants waiting and sometimes, when it's very busy with many people coming and going, it's easy to join your partner so you can "see whether that new pair of jeans is fitting well". Fitting rooms don't have cameras and the mirrors allow you to see the naughtiness from all angles.

Finally, don't forget that sex in public is illegal - so don't get caught with your pants down. And always keep a spare supply of condoms in your pocket.

 - (Photo of car sex from Shutterstock)



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