Updated 03 November 2017

Woman drops an incredible three dress sizes without going to the gym

“I’m setting an example for so many people, and it gives me purpose."


She lost more than half her body weight without setting a foot in a gym.

Tiffany Elizabeth, from Florida in the US, lost an incredible 29kg in one year after she felt extremely uncomfortable in her skin

According to POPSUGAR, the single mom-of-two decided to stop eating junk food and opted for a dairy-free gluten-free diet.

“I decided to 100% commit to being done with ‘junk food’. No more candy bars, sodas, or other things like that. I went dairy-free and gluten-free,” says Tiffany.

 When the 25-year-old cut out dairy, she lost more than 9kg in the first couple of months of her weight-loss journey.

“I felt better than I’ve ever felt in my life. No out-of-control cravings or anything. Just content.” she says.   


Instead of visiting a gym every day, Tiffany opted to work out at home doing Insanity Max 30 – a 30-minute intense workout DVD.

She says it was extremely challenging, but she just modified the moves, did them as best she could, and “paused a lot in the beginning just to breathe.”

Tiffany is now able to find clothes she really loves, instead of the garments she bought simply because they “fit” her, Indy 100 reported. She also revealed that she has tons of fun in the fitting room while trying on new clothes. 

“When I’d go shopping, I’d always buy the XL of whatever it was and never try it on because I didn't want to face [the possibility that] it might’ve been too small for me,” she says.

The Florida native, who has more than 28 000 followers on Instagram, says she stays motivated by the encouragement and support from her “fit family” on social media.

“People message me every single day and tell me that I’m their inspiration. That they’re on their own weight-loss journey because I made them believe they could reach their goals.

“I’m setting an example for so many people, and it gives me purpose. I can’t let them down,” she says.

Tiffany is determined to stay positive and won’t allow her old ways to creep back into her life again. “I never want to feel that way again,” she says.



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