Updated 01 December 2017

Teen plans to marry man 34 years her senior after meeting online – and her parents aren’t happy

“I didn’t know who he was at first, but he caught my eye and after we started talking."

An American teenager is due to marry a man she met on an online chat site. He’s 34 years older than her.

Michaela Matson (19), from Nebraska, says she’s madly in love with her fiancé, William Maldera (53), a truck driver, after meeting on an “emotion venting” app last year. 

According to Mirror News, the photography student says she knew William was the one after speaking to him for a few months over video chat.

“The first time I saw William’s photo, I was thinking ‘Wow, he’s handsome’ – and was attracted to him straight away,” she says.

“I liked his nose, it’s cute and crooked – because his mom broke it as a child – and he has the most gorgeous light brown eyes that are completely breath-taking.

“I didn’t know who he was at first, but he caught my eye and after we started talking more and more, gradually I realized I was falling for this man.”

Although Michaela is head over heels, her parent don’t approve of their relationship. In fact, they took away her passport so she couldn’t visit William in Alberta, Canada, and they sent her to see a psychologist, reports the Daily Mail

“Whenever I was texting him, my dad asked if I was talking to ‘the piece of s**t,’ ” Michaela says.

Despite being forbidden by her parents to see William, the 19-year-old jumped on a plane and travelled more than 2,000 km to visit the love of her life.

“Because I had given my mom my passport after telling my parents about what should have been my vacation with William, I had to apply for a new one and set aside money for myself to move in with him.

“As soon as I saw him at the airport I dropped my luggage and ran – I was so excited and overwhelmed to finally meet face to face,” the teenager says.

After spending some quality time together, the pair decided to get engaged and they plan on tying the knot next year in August or December, Metro News reports. 

Although the couple can’t wait to spend their lives together, Michaela says that people often mistake them for father and daughter because of their huge age difference.

“We don’t expect people to know we’re engaged and not father and daughter, because age gap relationships aren’t typical. We try not to let it bother us,” Micaela says. 

“I’ve been called his daughter quite a few times, but he proudly tells them, ‘She’s my fiancé.’ Other times we laugh it off while they apologize.”