Updated 17 October 2017

MY STORY: It wasn’t easy to leave because I’d be letting the other woman “win”,

I was cheated on before, multiple times by the same person, but I kept on forgiving him.

Until he impregnated another girl and we used to fight about her more than the ones he cheated on me with. I couldn’t take it anymore so I ended the relationship, gained the strength to let go and move on.

We started dating in 2012 and broke up in January 2015. The women he cheated with would post their activities on Facebook and tag him in the posts – that’s how I would find about the betrayal.

I kept on forgiving him because he apologised and I felt that his apologies were sincere. All the betrayal made me immune to pain – I wanted to cry but I wasn’t able to as I was numb from the pain inflicted by him.

It wasn’t easy to leave as I believed I’d be letting the other woman “win”, but when i realised the cheating would never stop and that I was becoming a person I couldn’t recognise I decided to let go. Ultimately I left after catching him and a woman in bed.

He apologises to me until today, and he even lost his job after he became depressed when he realised I’m not going to take him back. He was a very angry person when we first met, but I managed to calm him down, and I guess he lost that sense of peace and sanity when he lost me so he became a bitter person again.

This whole experience taught me to never lose my self-respect over a man, and understand that people seldom change: once a cheater always a cheater. So, forgive and move on.