Updated 25 October 2017

MY STORY: Even though I'm still with him, I don't trust him...

DRUM readers share their stories of infidelity

I was five months pregnant and found my baby daddy with another woman. He confessed immediately and apologized, so I forgave him. However, I told him that accepting his apology doesn't mean we’ll be together – it means I’m grateful for his honesty. He begged me to take him back but I told him that if he can do it once, he’ll definitely do it again- Angelina

He cheated on me and claimed they’d broken up. But he’d impregnated her and never told me about it. He even denied it. They now have one-month-old child together. He claims they aren’t dating anymore . . . It hurts so much- Refilwe

I was visiting my family and when I returned home he was with another woman in our bed. I was so humiliated – the worst thing is she lives two streets away from us and he denied everything. On his birthday I bought him clothes that he wore to spend the day with her, while little stupid me was left hanging.

I can't forgive him. Even though I'm still with him, I don't trust him- Angel

I found out about his cheating on the cellphone he claimed was no longer working. I decided to switch on that phone and boom . . . WhatsApp texts about sexual pleasures and secrets meetings that had been taking place in my absence. How stupid was I. I physically shook him – how could he do that? Since then I’ve met other men but always resisted the temptation because I loved and trusted him. But I’m good now, life goes on and I can laugh about it!- Sphoza