10 April 2018

Meet Madame Eyebrows – the grumpy doggy that’s become an online sensation

The canine boasts more than 37 000 Instagram followers.

In a world where those who dare to proudly transform their eyebrows as they follow some of the craziest trends around, one pooch is showing she was simply born that way.

Meet Madame Eyebrows, the English bulldog with eyebrows so droopy she almost always looks grumpy.

"She always looked sad [when we first got her] and had eyebrows," her owner, Janina, told The Dodo.

But, Janina adds, while the two brown, distinctive spots above her eyes make it look as if Madame Eyebrows is always unhappy she’s quite the opposite.

“In real life, you have to see her for only a few minutes and you see she’s happy. We don’t see only her sad face. We see how funny she is! And how much love she gives to us.”

According to The Metro, the chocolate-and-vanilla-coloured pup lives in Germany with her human family and fellow four-legged best friend, Luna.

Not food, a bottle of vodka or a pair of cute heels and pretty bows can cheer up the miserable-looking pooch. But Janina maintains Madame Eyebrows is a blissful doggy.

"She’s very happy," she told The Dodo. "She wiggles her tail, gives kisses."

The internet undoubtedly loves Madame Eyebrows’ unusual appearance – the canine boasts more than 37 000 Instagram followers, Daily Mail reports.

And it’s not hard to see why.

Who wouldn’t love being smothered in affection by a pooch that at first glance looks too miserable to care?

Test yourself! Are you able to say no???????

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