14 September 2018

Incredible: Mom loses 28kg to become champion gymnast

This mom proved it’s never too late to pursue a new sport!

Elena Solonukha from Novosibirsk, Russia, could tell from her husband’s “nasty” comments that she’d gained some weight after her second pregnancy.

“My husband had been criticising my body. But I got scared myself with how I looked when I checked the photos from my birthday party,” said Elena.

The 35-year-old saw a photograph from a birthday trip to the theatre with her mother and sister, in which she thought she looked “like a hippopotamus”.

After getting on the scale and discovering she weighed 88kg, the red-haired beauty decided she had to make some changes.

The mom has since lost a staggering 28kg after putting herself on a diet and exercise plan.

Elena says she didn’t give up eating her favourite sweets and food. Instead, she ate [them] in smaller quantities.


“I didn’t take anything out of my food plan but simply cut my portions by half,” she said.

She also started working out daily, which proved to be a challenge as she hated sports when she was a kid.

“I didn't do gymnastics or dancing at school, I only loved chess,” Elena said.

But after trying out air gymnastics, she discovered she loved it.


Elena reveals she found it hard at first and could hardly get out of bed because she was so stiff and bruised.

Much to her own surprise, she won a championship medal at a local tournament.

Although Elena is enjoying her new physique, she recently split from her husband, who didn’t approve of her new body.

Source: Magazine Features