06 December 2017

‘I was cheated on – and this is how I got my revenge’

Get mad or get even?

No matter the circumstances, finding out you’ve been cheated on really hurts.

You might try to ask the cheater for reasons for their action, but no explanation heals the wound inflicted on your heart. So what do you do to make yourself feel better? Get mad or get even?

No, we aren’t encouraging you to do outrageous things to get back at an unfaithful partner but we did take to Facebook to find out what our followers have done to get back at partners who broke their trust.

We have to say, some of the answers might just make you think twice about messing around!


“I’m not proud of this but after being beaten up and cheated on almost daily for nearly a year, one day I just got really tired of it all and when he was out for the weekend I took a pair of scissors and cut up and tore all his clothes and bedding. I also damaged all his shoes and not just any shoes – the expensive ones!”



“I pretended I was cheating on him too. My best friend would call me in the middle of the night and I would jump out of bed like it’s my other boyfriend calling and that would get him so worked up. After the "call" I would delete her number or ask her to hide her number.”



“I waited for night-time when they were both sleeping then I sneaked into his bedroom. I took the blankets off them then took a 20L bucket of water and threw it over them. I was very pleased.”



“I called the girl he was cheating with and told her he’d died in a car accident. She was screaming over the phone and someone else was given the phone and I told that person to tell her I will send details for the funeral. By the way, I was using my cheating boyfriend’s phone to call her.”



“I married to her best friend. I loved my ex and treated her with respect but that wasn’t good enough for her because she was cheating on me and I found out from her younger sister. I gave her my bank card and the next day I went to fetch it, only to find out she didn’t sleep at home. Her younger sister took me to the flat of the guy she was cheating with and when I knocked on the door, there she was. She opened the door and was wearing that guy’s shirt. I asked for my bank card and left. Seven months later I bumped into her best friend in a taxi and I told her I love her but she turned me down but I didn’t give up. My ex then saw us together at a shop and she told her friend she isn’t allowed to date me but her friend dated me anyway. The best friend and I had a baby boy later on and we got in 2015. I can say I’m so happy after all that happened because I have two kids now and my wife and I learnt to love each other everyday. My ex is still single.”



“We were in a relationship on and off for 13 years. We have two kids together but then he got another girl pregnant – after telling me he wasn’t ready for another child. To get back at him, I got had a rebound relationship that resulted in me having a baby.”

*Some names have been changed.