21 October 2018

Don’t worry, your sex life will still be on fire even when you’re way, way older

This is good news because the reality is we're all going to reach old age at some stage.

Turns out the old saying “it ain’t over till it’s over” is true – at least when it comes to your sex life.

The National Poll On Healthy Aging, conducted by the University of Michigan, asked 1 002 adults between the ages of 65 and 80 about their sex lives. According to the results, 40% said they were currently sexually active. And among the three-quarters who have a romantic partner, 54% are getting busy.

And they’re not just going through the motions, either: When asked if they are satisfied with their current sex life, 73% of seniors polled answered with a thumbs up.

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“This survey just confirms that the need for and interest in sexual intimacy doesn’t stop at a certain age,” Dr Alison Bryant, senior vice president of research for AARP said in a press release. (Which honestly, Blanche from Golden Girls has been telling us since 1985…)

The survey also revealed that healthy seniors were more sexually active compared to those with “fair” or “poor” health (45 versus 22%). Let that inspire you to continue eating your veggies and waking up for your morning run!

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Both sexes mostly agreed that sex is an important part of a relationship – 84% of men and 69% of women.

That said, there seems to be a bit of a gender gap when it comes to senior sex, and it doesn’t favour the ladies. In the survey, half of men aged 65 to 80 were extremely or very interested in sex compared with just 12% of women in the same age range. Also, women were less likely than men to be sexually active – 31% compared with 51% of men.

But there’s a silver lining: When it came to sexual satisfaction, women were more likely to be extremely or very satisfied. Long live your steamy sex life!

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