Updated 26 January 2018

Brave woman shares image of herself with shaved head on wedding day after being diagnosed with breast cancer

"It made me feel so empowered."

A courageous bride shared a powerful image of herself with a shaved head on her wedding day after battling breast cancer – to encourage others to check themselves for lumps.

Sarah, from Merseyside, England, was devastatingly diagnosed with breast cancer last year and was due to get married later this year.

But the mom-of-two and her partner Rob Vaughan (44) decided to get married on 6 January as she was unsure of how the chemotherapy would make her feel.

The 33-year-old teacher hoped she would still have her long luscious locks for the wedding but just four days before the big day her hair started falling out.

Sarah made the brave decision to shave it all off and bought a wig she proudly named ‘Brittany’ to wear on her special day.

"I shaved it off after hacking it away with scissors (by then it was a tatty ball on my head anyway) so I had a few days to get used to wearing my wig before the big day,” says Sarah.

"I really didn't want to wear the wig but knew in the days leading up to the wedding that it was my only option.”

On the morning of her big day, the excited bride took a snap of herself without her wig and shared it online to encourage other women to check for lumps.

"On the morning of the wedding I took that picture and I decided to share it online.

"It made me feel so empowered. I just wanted to make people more aware and get people to check for lumps,” she says.

As the day went on, Sarah decided to ditch her wig and embrace her new found confidence. 

"Lots of people on the day said they didn't even know it was a wig but as the day went on I just wanted to take it off as it was hot and itchy after such a long time.

"When I did take it off on the dance floor everyone clapped and embraced the moment. It was a very special day,” she says.

The mom was diagnosed with cancer the day before she was due to move into a new house with Robert, who she has been with for the past three years.

"It was a shock when I got the diagnosis. I thought I was really good at checking because I've had lumps before that have been benign.

"But when I looked back I couldn't remember the last time I checked and that's when I thought, 'we need more of a reminder,” she says.

Since her devastating diagnosis, Sarah has set up a Facebook page called First of the month check to remind people to have regular check-ups.

"It is just about being aware of your own body. I think we are a bit shy especially as Brits. We need to be aware so if there are any changes you can act on it,” says the mom.

Sarah is waiting for her MRI results to see what stage the cancer is but the mom remains optimistic.

"Since making the Facebook page I have had a lot of messages from people saying, 'well done. I think you are awesome.'

"I've had people thanking me saying they have found a lump which they would have never found if it wasn't for my post. A lot of people have said they never check but now they do.

"I do feel very lucky because the treatment is amazing. I have had a lot of fantastic support. Rob has been amazing. I have got a lot to be thankful for regardless of the diagnosis," she says.

Source: Magazine Features