Updated 18 December 2017

Bodybuilder’s six-pack bloats up after eating ‘trigger foods’

“When I say I’m bloated, I’m bloated.”

A bodybuilder from Oregon in the US has revealed how eating certain food transforms her six-pack to a swollen belly in minutes.

Michelle Middleton posted a photo on Instagram to show how bloated she gets after eating certain ‘trigger foods’.

“When I say I’m bloated, I’m bloated,” she wrote in her post.

“I do these bloat posts every now and then but people still get surprised at how big my belly gets.

“Yes I get bloated and it happens when I eat certain foods.”   

A post shared by MICHELLE (@madlymish) on


A post shared by MICHELLE (@madlymish) on

The fitness fanatic, who transformed her body in 2015, often swells up after eating yoghurt, watermelon, broccoli and asparagus, Mirror News reports.

Michelle, who swopped cardio and crash diets for weightlifting, says her bloating happens when the food she eats isn’t part of her FODMAP diet – a diet that manages irritable bowel syndrome, according to Health Line.

“Earlier I had Greek yoghurt and I got bloated within a few minutes but the bloat only lasted for a few hours and now I’m back to normal.

“The foods that make me the most bloated are yoghurt, protein powders, apples, pears, watermelon, broccoli, cauliflower and asparagus,” she told the Daily Mail

The snap, which has received more than 2 000 likes on Instagram, has since gone viral with other women sharing their experiences with a bloated tummy.

“Even on a strict low-fodmap diet I still get episodes and it looks exactly the same. It's hard to stay positive sometimes, thank you for sharing!” one user wrote.

“So glad I'm not alone. I feel and look pregnant when I bloat. It's horrible. Thanks for sharing!” added another.