Updated 04 December 2017

‘Big-footed’ Russian model is teased by fans on social media

A top model and former beauty queen stunned her fans with her long legs and apparently huge feet.


A top model and former beauty queen stunned her fans with her long legs and apparently huge feet.

Twenty-one-year-old Russian Anastasia Reshetova shared several photos from a recent break on a tropical island with her rapper boyfriend Timati (34).

The beautiful brunette, who’s battled yo-yo weight problems in the past, looked in great shape.

But her legs and feet caught the attention of her army of 1,5 million fans on social media.

The angle of one shot, showing her stretching out in the sand, made it look as if her legs were twice as long as the rest of her body.

She was clearly aware of how this perspective distorted her body as she posted the photo with the comment: "180 cm of bliss."

Netizen ‘‘raya181274’’ said: “Those legs look like infinity" and ‘‘anasteysha2694’’ added: "Can one’s legs be that long?"

‘‘Jozi777’’ joked: "Feet like fins!", while ‘‘katilanes3774’’ noted: "It looks like one leg is at least two metres long."

Reshetova, who was the runner-up in the 2014 Miss Russia beauty pageant, has lost weight since she was labelled fat during Moscow Fashion Week last spring.

Before that she was criticised for being too thin when she controversially described herself as "plus-sized" despite being only a size six.

Rapper Timati, a flamboyant character known for his collection of supercars, has a three-year-old daughter, Alice, with his ex-partner, the model Alena Shishkova.

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