Updated 06 November 2017

Ask Bra Mo: 'My husband is flirting with other women'

"I found out that my husband has started flirting with another woman. I asked him about it but he denied it."



He has done it before and promised not to do it again. My problem is that each time we go through hard times he flirts. I can’t trust him as when we are together he puts his phone on silent.


You probably have been married a while and you know your husband more than anyone. Therefore if your instincts tell you that something isn’t right, then you need to listen to them.

If you cannot trust your partner then your relationship is in jeopardy. If he knows that you do not approve of his flirtations with other women, then he doesn’t respect you.

He needs to be aware of this. Open the channel of communications and see what he says. If his actions were merely harmless then he wouldn’t be switching his phone to silence. Sometimes when a couple goes through drama, one of them may not want to discuss the problem but shift their attention to something else.

He flirts because he doesn’t want to deal with the problem and it is not going to be things go away, but merely disintegrate your relationship further.

Tell him to have some balls and stop acting childishly.


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