11 April 2011

Sex for 30 days?

What happens when a couple has sex every day? INTIMACY initiated the first “30-day sex challenge” in South Africa to find out...

What happens when a couple has sex every day? INTIMACY magazine initiated the first “30-day sex challenge” in South Africa to find out...

Shortly after the INTIMACY challenge commenced, American Pastor Ed Young, who recently preached at The Rivers Church in Sandton, made headlines when he challenged his flock to have sex for seven consecutive days. His belief is that if the sex is good, the marriage will also be good. He challenged married couples to become “sexperts” in this “sexperiment”, but pretty soon after making the declaration, it was revealed that even Ed could only manage six of the seven days! Perhaps the challenge would be a little more difficult than we had anticipated...

  • “We tried tingle lube, but it burnt the living daylights out of me!” – Margaret, 14 November
  • “I tried everything – including chasing him around the house with a vibrator!” – Reneé, 12 November
  • “I was looking forward to the rugby (South Africa versus England), so my thoughts weren’t on sex. It felt like work!” – Nicolas, 22 November
  • “He wasn’t in the mood. I couldn’t believe it! He said we should toss a few numbers into a hat – and that the one we picked could be our score out of ten!” – Louine, 3 November
  • “I sang for him, and it was really funny! We decided that next time we’ll use a CD! – Lisa, 10 November

  • “We made a love nest for ourselves on the trampoline under the stars… what a great idea!” – Lisa, 3 November
  • “I wanted to roll over and sleep when he started rubbing me! We used toys and massage gel from the INTIMACY gift package. Jack made it great for me.” – Louine, 9 November
  • “I dressed up for him and did a strip-tease... fantastic!!” – Reneé, 13 November
  • “Sex in the shower is always one of my top choices. It looks like it does in the movies!” – Werner, 13 November
  • “Candles in the bath took us from zero to hero!” – Lisa, 4 November
  • “He gave me chocolates and flowers... the best aphrodisiac ever!” – Reneé, 22 November
  • “Lubricant, toys and unbridled passion… an absolute winner.” – Lisa, 27 November
  • “A massage and candles – what more does a woman want?” – Reneé, 24 November.

  • The Adams and Eves’ pleasure barometers were usually very similar. It seldom happened that an Adam scored sex 10/10 while an Eve gave it 5/10.
  • There were days when even the Adams didn’t feel like sex – believe it or not!
  • The couples had sex at all different times of the day or night, from early morning to midnight!
  • Partners were sometimes on completely different wavelengths when it came to being ‘in the mood’.
  • Usually, when an Eve wasn’t in the mood, but agreed anyway, they both enjoyed sex.
  • Scores ranged from 3/10 to a substantial number of 12/10s!

  • Increase your capacity slowly. Charla recommends that a couple double their capacity, and then attempt the same after six months.
  • Re-examine your sex life on a regular basis. Although they try to achieve an average of three times a week, says Doug’s wife, Annie, even this takes a bit of warming up or the occasional marathon session.
  • Live out your desires. When you feel like sex, go straight to the bedroom (or wherever!). The more time you permit between the idea and acting on it, the more motivation you’ll lose.
  • “Fake it ‘till you make it”. Different experts agree – even if you’re not in the mood when you start, you’ll probably enjoy the sex in the end!


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