Updated 02 December 2013

No-nos when dealing with women

So what are the things men should not do when dealing with women?


So what are the things men should not do when dealing with women?

Number 1: Do not cling
For some reason or other, some men seem far more desperate for meaning relationships. They aren’t afraid to verbalise their feelings, can cook every Jamie Oliver recipe to perfection, and look upon the woman in their life as the most precious thing. In short, they’re clingy and this puts women off. Learn to invest just enough emotion in the relationship. If you give too much and she doesn’t feel comfortable reciprocating, it might lead to your parting ways.

Number 2: Do not flirt with her friends Are you guilty of the 30-degree head tilt, the verbal bantering, and the slow sexy smile you flash her friend? If your girlfriend catches you, you’re as good as dead.

Number 3: Don't tell her everything
Retain some mystery. The more seemingly unattainable you are, the more interesting you will appear to be. Women will look at you lovingly and brainstorm our strategy to infiltrate your inner workings. For women, there’s nothing more pleasurable than figuring out men.

Number 4: Do not mention the words “fat” or “wrinkle”
If asked to comment on her body, memorise a standard reply, or learn to change the topic really diplomatically. Answering her question is a no-win situation, and the fact that she has asked you, should tell you that she’s itching to pick a fight.

Number 5: Do not mention her lack of respect for your privacy
She goes through your e-mails and sms messages. What reason do you have to blow a gasket? None actually. Snooping’s the thing that every woman does but will never admit to. Perhaps it’s some innate trait or an ingrained mistrust of partners that make women snoop. Expect it – and take necessary precautions.

(Sumeera Dawood)

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