29 November 2010

10 irritating things women do

This article might also go a long way towards explaining why one woman who is a Plain Jane has a whirling social life and another who is a knockout watches TV every Saturday night


This is not a standard women-bashing article. This is just an effort to pinpoint those irritating habits some women have that drive guys nuts. Soon it will be the men's turn for this spotlight.

This article might also go a long way towards explaining why one woman who is a Plain Jane has a whirling social life and another who is a knockout watches TV every Saturday night – on her own.

Moaning Minnie. No man feels like getting involved with someone who constantly moans about everything – from the weather to the movie to the driving of other motorists. It's hard enough to stay positive, but with such a negative barrage coming from your date for the evening, you might as well have stayed home. It would have been more cheerful anyway.

Bodily insecurity. Call it the fault of the media, or whatever, but most women don't feel happy with their bodies. Constant insecurity about how she's looking can be really trying for any guy. And make the giving of any compliments a veritable minefield. Point is, unless there is something really noticeable, like 30 kg that weren't there last year, men just don't notice.

Gold digger. Most men, if they get the feeling that their date is more interested in their bank balance than in them, would not make a second date. This is the twenty-first century and women should be able to look after themselves and not merely hang around waiting for someone else to turn up who'll pay the bills.

Mood swings. Everyone has days on which they don't feel like a barrel of laughs, but if someone goes all silent on you for hours or days without being prepared to tell you why, this can be a real turnoff. And all of this because you can't read her mind. (If you could, you'd be set up somewhere wearing beads in a caravan and making a fortune.) Imagine if you hit any real problems – what would she do if this is the way she reacts because she feels miffed by your choice of movie?

No other interests. If a woman cannot get excited about any other interests, sports or hobbies, but is purely fixated on the relationship or getting a new boyfriend, it can get very tedious.

Waiting for a knight on a white horse. This is the twenty-first century and the time is over where women could sit back and wait for someone to come and make everything alright. Many men are also loathe to take on full responsibility for someone else's existence – the new thing is a fifty-fifty partnership.

Fashion slaves. "Fashion is something so hideous that it has to change every six months", according to Oscar Wilde. Most men are not very fashion-conscious and prefer a sort of middle-of –the road style of dress for themselves and for the women they date. Someone who won't go anywhere without makeup or unless she's dolled up to the nines in the latest fashion is downright tedious. Most often the girl-next-door look is just fine.

Talking about exes. Unless a woman is actually on her first date ever, she's sure to have some story to tell about an ex. She shouldn't. Men do not like hearing endless tales in which exes get trashed. They do not want to hear about exes. Point blank. If a woman talks about an ex-boyfriend all evening, she's obviously not over him yet.

Control freak. Most dates/relationships require a certain amount of compromise. But a man does not like it if he's always the one having to compromise. Neither does a woman, for that matter. But if someone's behaviour is controlling from the start, maybe a second date is not such a good idea. The real issue here is never which movie or which restaurant, but who is in control here. Who feels like a lifelong battle for supremacy?

Voice volley. This is probably unfair, because people cannot always choose their tone of voice. But a voice that is high-pitched and drones on and on like a chainsaw would make most men think twice about a second date. The Nanny was funny, but could you listen to that voice if you had a hangover? - (Susan Erasmus, updated October 2010, Health24)

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