21 December 2019

It's not abnormal to poop during sex – but don't let it happen to you

You were hoping for a totally different type of filthy orgasm.

You probably thought ‘she-pooped-during-sex’ stories were urban legends. But as it turns out, the human body actually is that evil. “It can happen, and it’s not abnormal,” says sex therapist Dr Lisa Lawless, founder of

Here’s how that works: If you have a massive orgasm (woo!) and bear down, poop can slip out, kind of like childbirth, says Lawless.

That being said, just because it’s “not abnormal” that doesn’t mean it’s common — you’re actually much more likely to fart in this scenario, says Lawless. So, that’s kind of comforting?

Another factor in the orgasm-poop connection are hormone-like compounds called prostaglandins, says gynaecologist Dr Diana Hoppe, author of Healthy Sex Drive, Healthy You. When you orgasm, your body releases those compounds, causing the uterus to contract and increase blood flow to your lower pelvis. This is great for lubrication, but makes it tough to hold your pee or poop, she says.

“This can lead to unwanted loss of urine and or stool,” says Hoppe. Um, yeah, “unwanted” might be an understatement.

If this happens to you, it’s important to keep your chill.

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“If you feel awkward and bad, your partner’s going to feel awkward and bad,” says Lawless. Your move: Muster up some self-confidence, laugh it off, and explain that you were so turned on you lost control, she says. (Then send him out for late-night fro-yo while you change the sheets and, um, shower.)

And to reduce the risk of this ever happening, get your kegel on. These exercises help tighten the pelvic floor, so you can control your bladder and bowels. Another helpful hint: Empty your tank before sex, says Lawless. More preparation = less poop.

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