Updated 19 October 2015

Bleeding after sex

Bleeding during and after sex can put a damper on intimacy. Our experts answer 3 user questions.

Bleeding during and after sex can put a damper on intimacy. GynaeDoc and Sexologist answer 3 user questions.

Q: Bleeding and spotting after sex

My partner and I have had sex once a week for the past two months. I never bled or spotted until recently after sex. Why is that?


It may just have been some trauma from the sex. If it recurs you should have a check by a gynaecologist.

Q: Bleeding during sex

Please assist, I usually bleed during sex though it doesn’t happen all the time but most of the time. I’ve been to my gynaecologist and took tests but they confirmed that there’s nothing wrong with me. I don’t feel any pain during sex and after and there’s no bleeding after sex. I’m on Tryphasil contraceptive and had a caesarean when I had my 2 kids. Please assist, what causes this and how can I stop it?


I must admit - I am not sure why this happens... Can I assume that sexual intercourse with your husband does not constitute ROUGH sex? It can be that if things get a bit rough, that bleeding can occur. It can also be that the vaginal wall is very thin and the friction causes bleeding. Perhaps Tryphasil is a bit 'light' and a change can help. Try and use lubrication and see if it is better.

Q: Spotting

Since starting to have sex I have a constant spotting problem. No pain experienced. Why is this happening?


There are a number of possibilities that could explain the spotting you describe. A proper assessment would be needed though. I would suggest you consider consulting your Dr who would need to do a physical assessment and do an assessment of your sexual activities to explore which of the possible causes for the spotting is applicable to you.

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