Updated 02 February 2015

What is the intimate condom?

This is what you should know about flavoured condoms, using your breasts to put on a condom and what the intimate condom is.

Sex and relationship columnist Dorothy Black joined News24 Live in studio to demonstrate the proper usage of condoms for both males and females.

She strongly dismissed claims that there are 500 ways to put on a male condom.

"There is one way to put on a condom - you use your hands." We don't need to sexy up condom usage, said Black.

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"People sort of advocate using your mouth to put on a condom, using your vagina to put on a condom ... and then the other one is using your boobs".

"If you hear any of that advice, you need to chuck it out the window," she suggested.

She also offered three tips on how to avoiding condom breakage:

1) Make sure the condom is not expired
2) Make sure it is kept out of the sun
3) Use lots of lubricant

She said if a condom tears during sex, then women need to take the morning after pill and go for tests.

Watch how to put on a male condom

Black also expressed concern over the internal use of flavoured condoms and lubricants.

"I don't know why people want to use flavoured condoms internally. I don't know any vagina or anus that has taste buds."

She also explained the new term to describe what is most popularly known as the "female condom". Black prefers the term "intimate condom" instead of "female condom" because she says that it can also be used for anal sex.

"We are moving away from the female condom to calling it the intimate condom because you use it internally - and you can use it internally vaginally or anally."

Watch how to use an intimate condom

Black said that while most people are unfamiliar with the intimate condom, the men she spoke were happy with it.

"They don't feel like they are restricted. They feel like they are condom-less."

She shared an interesting about fact about the intimate condom, saying that it can be inserted eight hours prior to having sex and that women can even use the loo while wearing it.

Black also explained how dental dams are used during oral sex to protect against STDs.

Watch how to make a dental dam at home

You can get more sex and relationship advice from Black here. You can also post a question to Health24's sexologist.

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