12 May 2009

Sex: shock findings about youth

HIV/Aids can be transmitted via toilet seats, and the virus can be avoided by having a bath after sex.

HIV/Aids can be transmitted via toilet seats, and the virus can be avoided by having a bath after sex.

Recently concluded research shows that these are some of the common beliefs among teenagers in the Anglican Church.

Last year the church commissioned research aimed at better understanding what its role can be in the battle against HIV/Aids among young people.

The University of Stellenbosch's unit for religious and developmental studies conducted the research among young Anglicans between the ages of 10 and 24, in 12 Anglican dioceses across the country.

A report on the research was presented at an HIV/Aids seminar at the University of Stellenbosch last week.

More than 10% sexually active
Amongst other things, the research showed that more than 10% of young people between the ages of 10 and 13 are sexually active.

About 38% of respondents in this age group said that the pill can prevent HIV/Aids, and 30.4% believe that HIV can be transmitted via a toilet seat.

About 27% think that HIV infection can be prevented by bathing after sex.

Of the respondents, 97.1% described themselves as Christians, while more than 98% of them believe it is important to be healthy.

Nothing wrong with fondling
The majority (63.5%) of those who have not yet had sex, feel that it is better to have sex only within the confines of marriage, while approximately two-thirds feel that there is nothing wrong with someone fondling them.

The researchers said that some of the more shocking findings, such as those about fondling, could be attributed to respondents misunderstanding the questions.

About 90% of the respondents indicated that they are worried about HIV.

According to the report, there is a gap between the values and morals which are adhered to on the one hand, and the behaviour which is exhibited on the other hand. – (Alicestine October/Die Burger, May 2009)

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