01 October 2017

This is how long sex actually lasts for most couples

Worried you’re a Quick Draw McGraw? Here’s how you stack up to other dudes – and what you can do to make the loving last longer.


Worried you don’t last long enough in the sack?

Most couples aren’t doing it for as long as you might think, according to new data from Lovely, a sex toy and tracking app for couples.

After collecting information from 432 couples and more than 2 000 sexual encounters, the company found that sex typically lasted only 12 minutes for the average couple.

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Twelve minutes seems… pretty short. If you take a look at the peer-reviewed studies out there (or, you know, if you just talk to your partner), you’ll find that many women need longer than 12 minutes to get off.

Case in point: Straight women tend to orgasm less frequently when sex lasts less than 30 minutes, starting the clock at foreplay, according to a recent study from Chapman University.

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But the data presented by Lovely doesn’t clarify if the 12 minutes includes just penetration, or if foreplay was involved, too and that makes all the difference. That’s because foreplay helps build arousal, which makes it easier for her to orgasm, according to Men’s Health sex advisor Dr Debby Herbenick.

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So, how can you extend your time in the sack in a way that gets both of you going? Here are three great moves to get you started.

1. Touch her everywhere

She has all sorts of secret erogenous zones – like her neck, legs and back – that are begging to be touched. Read up on how to give a woman a great massage for specific tips and tricks.

2. Make oral sex a priority

In a recent study, 37% of women said they need clitoral stimulation to orgasm during sex. One of the best ways to work the thousands of nerve endings on the nub of her clitoris? You guessed it – cunnilingus.

3. Experiment with sex toys

Find a sex toy that will help increase pleasure for the both of you. (Plus, finding the right sex toy for you – like a vibrating cock ring – can actually help you get harder and last longer.)

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All these techniques will work her up before intercourse even becomes a thing, increasing her chances of coming more quickly once you move past foreplay.

Just keep in mind that duration doesn’t always paint the whole picture. And it shouldn’t stress you out to the point of anxiety, which can be bad news for your erection.

One more tip: Occasionally trying new sex positions or having sex in a new place can make things just as fun if you want to switch it up – even if you don’t last as long.

Some women even prefer to keep things short, since going too long can get boring and mess with her lubrication.

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